Bueno offering a Friday special

The new year is flying by. Is it already Jan. 8, Elvis Presley’s birthday? Makes me all shook up.

So, what’s going on in the World of Cheap?

Got a notice today that party-size tacos and burritos will be 49 cents all day Friday at Taco Bueno. Remember, party tacos are 49 cents Thursdays at Bueno.

So, unless Icestorm 2015 socks us in overnight, which I doubt, might be a dining option Friday.

Speaking of cold, one of my ways of beating the chill is ordering a large hot and sour soup to go. I’ve ordered by phone and picked it up on the way home. Just over $4 with tax and enough for two meals, though H&S does not reheat the best.

I have tried Szechuan and Sunrise. Both good and quick. Soup is great, too, when you have or feel a cold coming on.

Shake loose with a discount Monday at Sonic

Ho-ho–half price.

Shakes at Sonic are half price Monday, maybe to celebrate winter, maybe because Christmas is 3 days away or maybe to fatten up Santa for his big trip. Whatever the reason, it’ll keep more jingle in your pocket. Most flavors will be available, so you don’t have to go plain vanilla on us.

And if you haven’t gotten your favorite cheap eats blogger a present, well, what are you waiting for???

Merry to Christmas to all, and to all, eat cheap in 2015!

Subway’s $2 sandwich makes sense

Probably like everyone, I have a favorite Subway sandwich. Or two.

But this month, it’s hard to pass on a $2 6-inch sandwich. There are 2 choices – the meatball and the cold cut combo. In appreciation of its customers, who are spending $$$ on Christmas, or maybe because prices have gone up and our Subway visits are fewer, the sandwich chain is offering this discount in December.

So, if you’re doing the Santa thing and get hungry, a $2 sandwich is hard to beat.

Feast of Sharing is totally free meal

Hey, the ultimate eatin’ cheap event is going on right now.

Feast of Sharing is at the Abilene Civic Center on North Sixth Street until 8 p.m. Tuesday.

Thousands of people will enjoy a FREE dinner of ham, mashed potatoes, green beans, a drink and apple pie for dessert. There is music and kids activities, free flu shots and lots of warm wishes. Warm, in part, because it is warm. It’s about 70 degrees and doors are open.

So much for winter but this fun. Anyone can go. Sit with someone you don’t know and get to know them.

Fazoli’s $5 lunch offers combo choices

$5 lunches: Fazoli’s

Finally had time to drive over to Fasoli’s from downtown for lunch. Been interested in their $5 lunches, promoted on billboards.

Here are the options, pick any 2 for your entree:

* Spaghetti

* Lasagna


* Fettuccine Alfredo

*Pizza slice (cheese or pepperoni)

* Salad

You have a choice of meat or marinara sauces. Comes with drink and, of course, breadsticks. You can’t eat just one, and they’ll give you more.

I had ravioli and spaghetti. I wasn’t all that hungry and wanted some pasta before running in Christmas Lane 5K that night. I had three breadsticks, I admit. I was good to go.

I am finding with the $5 lunches that you get probably the amount we should eat at lunch. If you are trying to hold down expenses and/or not overeat, take advantage of these deals.

Now, you can kept tempted at Fazoli’s by the caramel pumpkin cheese, which is $2.99 plus tax. But that can blow your budget and your waistline. But it sure looked good …

Sonice has Black Friday burrito special

Black Friday is almost here and while turkey sandwiches beckon at home, what you going to eat while out shopping or going to a playoff football game? Or, if you have to work, for lunch?

At Sonic, you can get half-price breakfast burritos all day. A breakfast burrito costs about $2.50, with SuperSonic and premium burritos, such as steak and egg, costing about $3.70. So, split that and you get $1.25 and $1.85. More than the 49-cent potato-and-egg burritos at Taco Bueno on Monday mornings but then, it’s Friday, isn’t it?

There probably are other deals Friday. Keep an eye open. Restaurants know people will be out and will want to bring them in.¬† Of course, you may just want to keep with the Black Friday theme and have a regular black bean burrito or black bean soup. It’s your day off!

Veterans get 20 percent off at Bueno

If you have a valid military ID of some sort – current ID or veterans card, you get 20 percent off your order today at Taco Bueno. Better yet, the offer is good “every day of the year.” So, vets, you might want to take advantage of the one-day deals Tuesday, but keep Bueno in mind for days forward.


Texas-size thanks to vets at Roadhouse

Veterans who are hungry for steak are in luck.

On Tuesday РVeterans Day Рveterans and active-duty military personnel can eat a free lunch at Texas Roadhouse. There is one in Abilene  near Lawrence Hall Chevrolet (1381 S. Danville). If you are out of town, the lunch deal is offered at all Roadhouses.

Vets can choose one of 10 entrees, including a 6-ounce sirloin. two sides and a drink. Proof of service includes military or VA card or discharge papers.

Lunch is served 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Like Texas Roadhouse, we salute our veterans. Here’s to you and the ultimate cheap eat – a free meal!

KFC even throws in cookie for $5 lunch

Continuing our Tour de $5 Lunches …

Tried KFC recently. They have specials Monday through Wednesday that are even less expensive. For $5 though, I got 3 tenders, mashed potatoes, a roll, a chocolate chip cookie and a drink. Although we are supposed to have our biggest meal at lunch (as opposed to supper), we often overdo it. I am finding these $5 lunches are filling for the price and realize that if you are really hungry, you might want more. This meal filled me. With tax, $5.41.

Next up: Popeye’s

Bonus: Been hearing commercials for Farolito’s, a restaurant that has been around for more than 75 years but sometimes is not on everyone’s radar. It’s tucked away east of North Treadaway downtown, on Cottonwood. This is old-school, local Mexican food.

They are advertising a Tuesday night special with tacos, enchiladas and more for $7. That’s a good price for what sounds like an AYCE (all you can eat), especially at night. Might be worth checking out. It’s a quiet place, good for conversation and relaxing.

$5 lunch, Part II: Bell’s box not $5 any more …

So, continuing my tour of $5 lunches…

* Thumb’s up for lunch at El Pulgarcito, available Monday-Wednesday.

* I tried the box meal at Taco Bell and got this surprise. It’s not $5 anymore. It’s $5.99. Used to be $5. Still tried it and got a huge box with a taco, a fiery taco and a taco supreme. And a medium drink. And 3, count ‘em 3, pieces of candy. At $6 plus tax, this is a buck more than the other guys but it was good. Ordered mine to go and was asked if I wanted hot sauce in packets or a cups. Cups is way better to pour on the three items. I was full after cleaning out my box.

Question, though, is 99 cents more worth it in this $5 world? If you like Bell, it is.

* Next up is $5 meal at KFC.

For $5 on Friday, Halloween, you can get 10 corndogs at Sonic. It’s 50-cent corndog day, all day, there. Of course, eating 10 corndogs is a scary thought. But you can share. Part of a throwback week that includes 49-cent potato and egg breakfast burritos Monday at Taco Bueno, and 49-cent party tacos there Thursday. This could be your cheap week, making up for all the money you’ll blow on candy …