Half-price shakes all day at Sonic Rest O’Raunts

Sonic already has gone to half-price shakes after 8 p.m., just in time for Daylight Saving Time, warmer weather and cruising at night.

Shakes also are half price today, St. Patrick’s Day. All day. Not sure how many offerings are green but O’Well.

If you need a green fix, McDonald’s has it’s Shamrock Shake and Arby’s has a mint-y one, too.

Sorry to all who went to Dairy Queen 8 p.m. and after Monday and could not get a free cone. I tried remodeled one on South 14th and the one of Mockingbird Lane in Abilene, to no avail. The free cone offer as part of DQ’s 75th anniversary was so popular that machines could not keep up. That, folks, must be a lot of ice cream.

Bet you can get one today, no problem, but it’ll be at regular price.

Bueno special; free cone Monday at DQ … wahoo!

Money-saving offers from two of our regulars:

* Starting Saturday (March 14) and going through March 23, you can get $5 off an order of at least $10 at Taco Bueno. Got this on email as a Buenohead, so you might want to join. This is not 10 percent off but 50 percent off. Like half price. You can feed a group. Or just yourself.

* On Monday, which is the 75th day of the year, Dairy Queen celebrates its 75th anniversary with a free ice cream cone. Customers also may have the opportunity to donate to a charity. The ice cream season is upon us with half-price shakes already offered after 8 p.m. at Sonic. Might get your cone at the remodeled DQ on far South 14th/U.S. 277 at Texas Avenue.

New-look DQ reopening Friday; cheap shakes back at Sonic

I know it’s cold but here’s some hot info about Dairy Queen and Sonic.

Those who go to the DQ on far west South 14th Street (me) know it has been closed for badly needed remodeling. I hear it’s re-opening Friday. Maybe they’ll have some specials. I’ll check. All this ice, I’m in the mood for a Blizzard.

A heads’ up on DQ – free cones are being given out March 16. Mark that on the 2015 calendar you bought at half price because you waited until February to get one. You didn’t miss all that much in January, really.

The Sonic sign is flashing news that shakes are half price after 8 p.m. again. Just in time for spring break.

Stay cheap and carry on.

Free, that’s FREE!, pancakes today

People already are flipping out at IHOP.

It’s National Pancake Day, all the way until 10 p.m. Tuesday. Get a free short stack of buttermilk pancakes! If you want more or a drink, etc., it’ll cost you.

You don’t have to but it would be nice on your way out to make a donation to Shriners Children’s Hospitals. There is one in Houston and if you write a check with “Texas Legacy” in the memo line, your $$$ stays in Texas.

Warning: It’s usually crowded around meal times – breakfast – lunch – dinner, so you might want to go at a different time. Pancakes are as good at 4 p.m. as 8 a.m.


Be a real Texan – eat a cheap breakfast burrito Monday!

Monday is Texas Independence Day. Something tells me that eating beef would be a good way to celebrate. It would go down nicely with a beer from Shiner, with banana pudding or cobbler for dessert.

Dairy Queen would be a good stop, too. DQ is just Texas to the last bite.

To start your day, remember that Bueno has 49-cent potato, cheese and egg burritos during breakfast hours, Till 10:30 a.m., I believe. If you want to save up for a bigger Texas-style meal later in the day, a couple of burritos for a buck is a great way to start. Declare your independence from the high cost of breakfast!

Nothing wrong with having something wrapped in a tortilla on Texas Independence Day. Our Mexican heritage is part of who we are today.


Platter up! Buy one, get one free

Buy one, get one free.

The only food phrase that’s better is “get one free, get another free.”

On Friday at Bueno, if you buy a $5 platter, which comes with a drink, you get one free.

Let’s do the math. Two meals plus drink equals $5, plus tax. 41 cents. That’s the beef taco, enchilada and bean burrito platters. This might be the day to tell a buddy you’re taking him or her to lunch. Big spender.

Not a bad way to end week.

Chili and pancakes, but not together

A couple of opportunities to eat cheap coming up.

On Saturday, it’s the annual Greaert Abilene Kiwanis Club’s Chili Day. Probably should’ve had it Monday, but then no one could get there.

It’s scheduled from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the Abilene Civic Center.

$6 tickets are available in advance by call 325-677-2673 or going by Abilene Printing at 1274 North 2nd downtown. Tickets will be $7 at the door. Kids 5 and younger eat free, which is really cheap.

They’ll have chili and crackers and drinks. All you can eat or your doctor allows. Tacos, cobbler and ice cream are extra but you may want to bring some extra money in for the cobbler. Yum.

Very handy with two performances of “The World Famous Popovich Comedy Pet Theater” playing at 2 and 7 p.m. at the Paramount Theater just down the street.

Also, coming up is free pancake day at IHOP, on March 3. It’s the 10th annual event that benefits charities around the nation. About $16 million has been raised with donations. I think our money goes to Children’s Miracle Network.

You get a free short stack of cakes. Drinks, etc. are extra. Please tip your waitstaff because they will be busy. It;s usually 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Fishing around town for sandwich deals

Lent is underway, and I hope you’re not giving up trying to save a little money.

Lent means fish sandwiches. A couple of years ago, I wrote a column about our choices in Abilene. Some sandwiches are better than others, and some are priced too high. Not BBQ but too much for a wedge of fish (what fish looks like a square patty?) with a piece of lettuce slapped on top and glued to the bun with tartar sauce.

One of my favorite stops was Arby’s. Yes, the home of roast beef.

Again, they are offering their special – 2 fish sandwiches for $5. I haven’t been yet this year, but the sandwiches were a good size and tasty. You can make two meals out of one order if you have, say, an apple on the side. Or each both – just five bucks.

I’ll keep an eye out for other offers.

Platter, hot dog specials

Guys, you’re still on the hook for a nice Valentine’s dinner with your significant other.

But you can save some money elsewhere.

$5 platter deals are back at Bueno. You can get a beef taco, cheese enchilada or a bean burrito/crispy taco meal for a crisp Lincoln. Both come with a drink, 22-ounce size.

And on Monday, which is Presidents Day, the All-American Dog or the Chili Cheese Coney are on sale at Sonic for $1 each. A Lincoln gets you five items, dude.

Well, plus tax. Save you some money for the Andrew Jacksons you’ll be putting down for a sweetheart dinner.

Super duper offers from Bueno

Super Bowl specials are sprouting around town.

Wienerschnitzel has its 5 for $5.55 deal going. Your answers to the question, “What up, dog?”

And Bueno, which has party tacos for 49 cents every Thursday, has extended that offer through Sunday for Buenoheads. No limit for 49-cent party tacos. You have to show the email offer.

Mega MexiDips, which will feed three to six people – if I’m in the group, go with three – is $9.99. Chips, queso, salsa, refried beans and guacamole.

Hey, the Super Bowl is in Arizona, so a little Southwest style fits right in.